MD Students Successfully Defended Their Theses

Recently, Mr. Chorn Sophearum, Mr. Chamnan Anrith and Mr. Prem Satya successfully defended their thesis entitled “Retrospective study of epidemiology and clinical features in adult patients with acute pancreatitis admitted at Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital”. The thesis was supervised by Dr. Leng Nara. The students passed with credit. The Thesis Examination Committee included Assistant Professor Duong Dararith, Dr. Bou Bonito and Dr. Pai Kosal, and was chaired by Professor Callum S. Durward.

The study confirmed that alcohol drinking, obesity and cigarette smoking are the most common risk factors for acute pancreatitis, and that epigastric pain sometimes radiating to the back, nausea and vomiting are common symptoms. Considerable increases in the serum levels of amylase and lipase are essential for the diagnosis.

On 7 September 2022, Mr. Pin Punleak, Mr. Long Seakvay and Mr. Horn Menghong successfully defended their thesis entitled “ Retrospective study of epidemiology and clinical management of acute bronchiolitis in children under two years of age at the National Pediatric Hospital”. The students also passed with credit. Their thesis was supervised by Assistant Professor Duch Moniboth and Dr. Kim Bunna. The Thesis Examination Committee, chaired by Professor Callum S. Durward, included Dr. Leak Ponleu, Dr. Noy Pisey and Dr. Prom Vireak.

The study confirmed that the highest prevalence of acute bronchiolitis is in infants less than 6 months of age, and that most children have cough, fever, difficulty in breathing, running nose, wheezing. 72% of cases were of moderate degree, while 19% were mild, and only 9% severe. 83% of children received antibiotics.