A team from PRIME (Partnership in International Medical Education) UK led by Dr. Anthony Clarke and including two other medical doctors and one nurse (Francesca Elloway, Gill Horne and J. Martin Leiper), and invited tutors from Mercy Medical Center, Cambodia delivered a five day Training Course at UP accredited by the University of Brighton, UK. The Course was entitled “An Interactive Introduction to Palliative Care” and took place from 13th to 17th January 2020.
The 36 Year 6 medical students who attended the Course have learned the principles of Palliative Care as described by the World Health Organization, have acquired basic skills in good communication and symptom control in patients with advanced disease, have reflected on ethical practice, learned how to identify physical, psychological and spiritual suffering, explored good communication with patient and family through role play, and have become aware of different kinds of normal and abnormal grief. Palliative care is at an early stage in Cambodia and this Course has helped to ensure that our students appreciate its important role in modern medicine.