Library and Reading

Library and reading

One phrasal verb mentioned that’ The more you read, the more you know’.  Students at University of Puthisastra consider library as their second home. There are many reasons that make them spend so much in the library because library is one place that is very continent for their studying:

  • There are a lot of documents  both Khmer and English
  • Equipped with Internet ( Wi-Fi) which students can use for free
  • Have big space and  well-equipped with air conditioner
  • Big discussion room
  • Have a lot of computers for students use in doing research as what they need
  • Librarians are friendly and try their best  to facilitate students in  doing research

Noticeably, students start to love reading. They read not only for exam preparation, but also for their daily studying and for better understanding.

In addition, when they go to read book so often, they make some more new friends with those who are also like reading and they can also exchange knowledge as well as experiences from each other.

In the future, University of Puthisastra expects that the percentage of reading book will be double increased. Furthermore, University also encourages students try to study hard in order to develop our country in the future.

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