UP invests $70,000 USD for pharmaceutical laboratory equipment in 2020

Pharmacists are experts who are responsible for drug development. Drug development comprises the journey from development to lab testing to shelf. This journey will have begun in a university laboratory where students, lecturers, and researchers have undertaken basic research and experiments to understand the processes of drug development, often at a molecular level. At UPs Faculty of Pharmacy, there are 5 different laboratories: Pharmaceutical technology laboratory (J01), Pharmacognosy laboratory (J11), Inorganic chemistry laboratory (J21), Organic chemistry laboratory (L52), and Medical biology laboratory (L51).

In 2019, UP invested $40,000 for the equipment in these laboratories and in 2020 an additional $70,000 has been allocated for other necessary equipment. We have seen the importance of the laboratory for our students, said Dr. Sin CHEA, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy. Laboratory sessions are designed to allow students to apply knowledge from lectures and share experiences from personal observations in a pharmacy setting.