On Tuesday, September 12, 2023, Prof Ian Findlay, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Puthisastra (UP), and staff from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology gave a warm welcome to Dr. Abdull Manan Mat Jais, Founder and Project leader of Abmanan Biomedical Sdn Bhd Malaysia.

This visit is made for the following purposes to discuss the possibility of cooperation between Abmanan Biomedical Sdn Bhd Malaysia and UP. Dr. Abdull Manan Mat Jais also visited the UP Health Center, UP Laboratories, and UP Campus.

UP Students Placing Simple Implants at Low Cost Recently four dental students have placed implants on their patients under the supervision of our implant specialists Dr Tak Ranuch and Dr Sam Ly Ly . The case shown here is by year 6 student Mr. Tang Oun who placed a French implant on the patient using a surgical guide under the supervision of

Dr. Lyly who has a PhD in dental implantology from Chiang Mai University. The patient was very happy with the result.

If you would like a low cost implant by one of our dental students (or a dentist) please contact our UP Dental Hospital receptionist and make an appointment on +855 12 414 563 or +855 98 414 563 or you can book appointment at https://healthcenter.puthisastra.edu.kh/book-appointment