Arrival Of New Technology For The Department of Laboratory Sciences

Modern technology plays a significant role in daily testing at Medical Diagnostic Laboratories. It is therefore paramount that our students are properly and professionally trained to in how to use modern technology as part of their training for their degree in Medical Laboratory Technology.

On July 16th 2020, two new pieces of laboratory equipment arrived at The Department of Laboratory Sciences, UP. The Hemogram Analyzer is used to provide a Complete Blood Count (CBC) which includes blood levels of platelets (PLT), red blood cells (RBC), and white blood cells (WBC), and is typically the first test requested by a physician to evaluate a patient’s general health status.

The Electrolyte Analyzer can measure electrolytes like Na+, K+ Ca2+ and Cl- in serum, plasma, whole blood, CSF and urine and is used to analyze the maintenance of body functions.

We are excited to provide students and staff with this new modern laboratory equipment to train on during their practicums. The Department of Laboratory Sciences is ready for the reopening of UP’s campus to provide our students with new experiences in their practical classes.