Kong Divin Awarded Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship 2015

The result of Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship 2015, MOSWC, has been recently released in public and has made Cambodian people absolutely excited of Cambodian outstanding student.

In very young age, a student from university of Puthisastra achieved a good result which was engraved in Cambodia history as well as university, family, friends and the whole country. Kong Divin is known as an outstanding student and rewarded the first-place twice for both Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point 2010. Surprisingly, he also left Cambodia with other two students to join MOSWC 2015 at United State (DALLAS, TEXAS, USA) on 8th August 2015.

The competition held on 09th August 2015. It’ very challenging that Divin, student of University of Puthisastra, had to compete with students come from 100 countries around the world in different subjects. As a result, Divin made Cambodian people surprised because of his talent and effort. A twenty-one-years-old student has been rewarded the second -place and has also got silver medal in Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship 2015. In addition, this outstanding student also got a certificate from Certiport, a company provides core testing services for workshops and all institutions around the world, and got 2500 dollars as well.

According to this very satisfactory result, it illustrates that even though Cambodia is a developing country, it also has human resources who are qualified to compete in international program. The development of high quality education in Cambodia has reached quality standard which is recognized globally.

Nowadays, Devin is a senior student who specializes in Data Management and Programming at University of Puthisastra. “Because of my hard working, friends, and help from lecturers who are the best consultants, especially the very inspired intrinsic motivation from my family, I could achieve all these results,” said Divin.

His family, team work, and management of University of Puthisastra went to Phnom Penh International Airport to congratulate and welcome his arrival on 14th August 2015 night.

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