Japanese Film Screening at University of Puthisastra

On 09th November 2015, University of Puthisastra held a Japanese film screening.

There were many people attended that program such as students of University of Puthsiastra and many other students from other universities in Phnom Penh; especially, the famous Japanese producer also participated in this screening. The program started from 1.30 to 4.00 pm. All participants enjoyed watching an interesting movie titled Dashi & Shoyu.

According to the Japanese producer, he stated that this film took two years and a half to finish it with his three coworkers. He told the reason why he wanted to produce this film because he wants to preserve the original food which is nearly lost its original taste. On the mountain, he met an old grandmother who is the last person and knows about this recipe. He want to share this recipe to his Japanese people, especially, to mothers because most the mothers who always cook for their family. Mothers have to learn as well as practice more in order to preserve its original taste.
It costs 300,000 US dollars to produce this film. There are also a few sponsors such as French government, Japanese government, and his money. Besides spending a lot of money, he also spends his valuable time to work at the weekend.

Smiling beautifully, he also added that this task teaches him a lot of things such as learning about new recipe food from grandmother, learning about teamwork because they have different skills. Actually, sometimes he also argued with his teamwork but it’s not serious. He also emphasized that this task requires a lot of efforts and patience to get success.

All participants are absolutely interested in this film by asking many questions to the producer. They mostly praised for the techniques of shooting and also wanted to learn more from him. This program was successfully completed with full of enjoyment.

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