Workshop on Risk of AI in Education and Business

Faculty of ICT have attended the workshop on AI: Risk of AI in Education and Businesses at CamTech University.

The workshop provided a platform for insightful discussions, where experts from UK university, Prof. Alamgir Hossain, CEO of D-Ready converged to unravel the multifaceted challenges inherent in incorporating AI within educational and business frameworks.

Engaging presentations and real-world case studies painted a vivid picture of AI tool to analyze, evaluate, and mitigate risks associated with AI systems.

Practical sessions allowed for a hands-on exploration of AI technologies commonly employed in these sectors, fostering a deeper understanding of their implications.

Networking opportunities enriched the experience, enabling fruitful exchanges of ideas and perspectives among participants. Overall, the workshop not only heightened awareness of the risks but also instilled a sense of responsibility in navigating the transformative landscape of AI in education and businesses.