UP Launches Tiny Coding Cats Program

UP’s Faculty of Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology is proud to partner with Raintree, Saturday Kids from Singapore and Smart Axiata to pilot Tiny Coding Cats – an early-stage creative coding course designed to inspire curiosity and resourcefulness called.
Targeted at 100 students aged 8-12 years old, this free program runs every Saturday from 5th October to 16th November 2019 at UP. Students will get a chance to pick up technical, problem solving and creative thinking skills through computer programming course.
The objective is to inspire the next generation of creative and curious young minds through technology.This program is offered free of charge to provide equal opportunity to interested students from any financial background. All applicants have to pass the selection criteria to join the class and it is open to students who have no prior experience in computer programming. After completing the course, students will be able to produce their very own game and animation.
UP is delighted to support this exciting program by providing four students who are currently pursuing their degree in Information Technology as instructors for the program.

Through Tiny Coding Cats, our students receive an opportunity to be upskilled with Saturday Kids pedagogy and classroom management skills with mentorship from Raintree’s community of civic-minded progressive educators, while meaningfully engage in their expertise to impart their knowledge to the young minds.
In addition to being centrally located in the city, one of the key reasons for the course organizers deciding to choose UP as a training venue is because of the high speed wireless internet on campus which is currently provided to all UP students at no extra charge. High speed wireless internet access is necessary to the success of the course and UP is one of the very few training venues that can provide classrooms with free Wi-Fi for the expected 100 students that participate in the program.
While UP’s students will get hands on experience as instructors in computer programming, their participation in the program together with a Singapore digital curriculum developer, Saturday Kids, that has trained over 5000 students in Singapore and Tokyo, Japan is evidence that UP’s Degree program in Information Technology meets international standards.