More than 99% of UP ICT students are already employed from Year 3

A degree in information technology (IT) can lead to an exciting career in system and network administrator, security, database administrator, software development, or another technology-focused field. As businesses become increasingly dependent on technology, IT professionals face increased demand and competitive salaries. Jobs in IT are in constant growth rate. Technology continues to evolve, making IT a fast-paced and constantly changing field. At the University of Puthisastra, more than 99% of our students are already employed from Year 3, and more than 95% are employed after graduation in various industry such as telecom companies, banks, insurances, SMEs.

Our programs prepare you to be ready to work in any technology-related industry. These statistics show the quality recognition of our degree from the professional sector. The ICT curriculum is reviewed regularly with our national and international partners to ensure that the faculty’s curriculum meets industry needs both locally in Cambodia and internationally.

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