CS CUP 2020 Coding Competition: Round 2

Over 63 students have competed in Round 2 of the CS Cup 2020 Coding Competition. Three UP students are still in the race.

Round 2 topics: Topics for Round 2 included: Game Theory, Number Theory, Combinatorics, Dynamic Programming, Greedy Algorithms, Graph Theory and Bitmask.

Round 3 started on the 12th June with these topics: Combinatorics, Dynamic Programming, Graph Theory, Bit manipulations and Matrix.

Round 3 results are expected soon. The last round (Round 4) will be on 20th June.

Cambodia CS Cup is an annual competitive programming competition organized by several Cambodian universities (Paragon International University, University of Puthisastra and Royal University of Phnom Penh) and partners (KhmerCoders Community, Slash, Mango Byte) include high school and university students who compete against each other as individuals rather than in teams.

This 2020 edition is hosted on the Hackerrank platform (https://www.hackerrank.com).