All ICT Courses are online

All the ICT courses at UP are now delivered online using Google Meet + Moodle (UPOP), Gitlab, Slack since 16th March 2020: Python Bootcamp, Web static development, Entrepreneurship, Mathematics – statistics, Java framework, Linux administration, Virtualization, Network security, Database concept, Artificial Intelligence, IT Research methodology, DRBC, CCNAx and many more…! Special focus on the Data Science Fundamentals Bootcamp (Master Class) which has started on 21st March 2020!

The bootcamp was prepared in partnership with Dathappy (, a Singaporean company specialised in bringing professional Data Science services to all purpose-drive organisations. It consists of 4 intensive week ends of course. The course is being delivered online by Mr. Yoann FOL, now staying in Singapore. Mr. Yoann FOL has 10 years experience in the Data Science field. He studied Sociology combined to Data Science and has worked on the field ever since. Yoann’s first experience was with a Big Data & Analytics consultancy company, whose main missions revolved on Energy consumption, prediction and Churn Analytics for Insurance.

Passionate with knowledge sharing, he was an assistant teacher in University, helping with the understanding of Descriptive Analytics. He then moved to Singapore to become the first Data Scientist of a 30,000 employees manufacturing chemical company having challenges worldwide on the different activities of the group.

Yoann he is the founder of “Dathappy”, a startup facilitating impact-driven Data Science projects and empowering people.