Happy New Year 2020 UP! Celebrates Annual Party 2019

New Year 2020 rapidly approaches with our hopes, dreams and challenges ahead. University of Puthisastra celebrated its fantastic 2019 with an end of the year party which was the perfect opportunity for a get-together, and show the deep appreciation and gratitude from the UP Board for staff who had worked extremely hard during 2019 to create a great future for UP, our students and Cambodia . It certainly was a night to remember. The event first kicked off with a brief review of 2019 and how much we have all achieved. It was satisfying for us knowing our university has expanded dramatically over the last year.

Next came Staff Awards which honored overall high achievers of the year. Our award winners were

  • Overall Staff Excellence — BOU KANIKA
  • Academic Staff ————— CHHEA SOPHEAROM, YEM VUTHY
  • Support Staff—————— CHROENG SEYHA, PAL CHHORLIDA
  • Special Awards ————— SAR VANNEY, HOM SOVANNRA

UP is really proud to have such exceptional people in the UP family and perfect representatives of UP. Eventually, lucky draw was drawn to really still up the excitement. Our end of year party was then taken to another level when everyone sang and danced the night away. Further evidence of just how talented our UP staff are. UP staff confirm that we’re not only colleagues but also crucial parts of a big family.
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