Dentistry provides an interesting and rewarding career. It particularly suits people who like to work with their hands, and who like to help others. The best
dentists are among the highest income earners in Cambodia.

Why choose to study dentistry at University of Puthisastra?
1. 100% pass rate in National Exit Exam
2. Most of our lecturers have Masters or PhD qualifications – mostly from overseas
3. Our clinical facilities are excellent – with modern equipment, including one of only two dental microscopes in Cambodia
4. UP is the only dental school with 2 fully trained dental technicians and a modern 30-chair dental simulation lab
5. Students get 4 years of clinical training, under the close supervision of some of the top dentists in Cambodia (mostly specialists)
6. Over half the UP dental students go on overseas exchanges, to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and the USA (much more than at other dental schools)
7. Students get extensive practical experience working in schools, prisons and communities providing dental care for disadvantaged children and adults
8. UP dental students are involved in cutting-edge research which is contributing towards improving the oral health of Cambodians
9. UP welcomes overseas lecturers to bring the latest knowledge and skills to our students. Each year more than 20 visiting lecturers spend time at UP.
10. UP is a university with modern teaching and learning techniques, including problem based learning, peer assisted learning and case based learning. Its staff work hard to ensure you have the best education possible!