Year 4 dental students at UP are looking for patients with NO TEETH for their course in Complete Dentures this semester. Each student needs to make 2 sets of dentures while they are at dental school, and they are keen to start this year. With excellent teaching and supervision by Drs Visal, Dane and Rithi (all specialists in prosthodontics) as well as our two highly trained dental technicians Mr Kiny and Mr Seiha, the quality of dentures made at UP is very good. We use high quality teeth from Japan. In addition, we are excited that two prosthodontists from Australia – Dr John Payne and Dr Geoff Borlase (regular visitors to UP) will be coming in late November to help students with their cases. If you know someone who needs dentures made, please send their contact details to our clinic manager and we will arrange an appointment to see them in the near future.