UP Year 4 Dental Student was awarded a scholarship at Hiroshima university, Japan

UP is very proud to announce that Year 4 Dental Student Soun Somaly was awarded a scholarship to attend a 10 day training program for dental students around Southeast Asia at Hiroshima University in Japan. Somaly won the scholarship because of her outstanding academic record, and her community service and student association activities. Somaly reported that she learned a lot during the visit, which will help her as she continues her studies at UP. During her time in Japan Somaly focused on learning more about dental sciences as well as seeing first-hand how the Faculty of Dentistry at Hiroshima University operates. Hiroshima University is one of the top Universities in Japan, and a longstanding UP partner providing opportunities for students to travel internationally and participate in a range of social, cultural and academic activities with other students.
Many UP dental students now have the chance to travel abroad to many countries for exchanges or conferences, including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, USA, Taiwan and Japan.