UP is purchasing a brand new piece of high technology equipment called a DIODE LASER (from the WOODPECKER company).

We will be the only dental school in Cambodia to have this piece of equipment, and even in private practice very few clinics have a laser. The dental laser is designed specifically for use in oral surgery and dentistry. The Woodpecker laser has two different wavelengths (650 nm and 976 nm), which are suited for different applications. The 650 nm wavelength is good for low-level laser therapy such as pain/muscle therapy and wound healing. The 976 nm wavelength setting is good for soft tissue surgery.

Diode lasers reduce the need for anesthetics since it can seal the nerve ending, and promote the healing after surgery. Because of the cauterization of tissue there will be little bleeding following soft tissue procedures, which can be comfortable for the patients and convenient for the operators. Some uses of the laser include:

• Soft tissue retraction and placing restorations and implant fixtures
• Contouring gingival tissues
• Removing high pigmentation of the gum
• Cutting high frenal attachments (eg. labial frenum and tongue tie)
• Removing small soft tissue lesions
• Detoxification around the gums
• Desensitizing sensitive tooth
• Treating aphthous ulcers and herpes lesions
• Treating gag reflex and facial spasm

UP will be training its staff and students to use the laser correctly for the benefit of our patients. It is a welcome addition to the range of modern equipment that we have in our 19-chair clinic.