UP Dental Students Learn Dental Photography

Recently Dr Peter Sheridan, an Australian dentist who is a world expert in dental photography, conducted a course for UP dental students. The course started with a 2-hour lecture, followed by 2 hour practical hands-on sessions in the clinic for groups of year 6 students, as well as our 4 postgraduate endodontics students. Dr Sheridan was assisted by several UP tutors. The students now feel confident they can take good quality dental photos of their patients, which is a very good skill to have.

In addition, Adjunct Clinical Professor Steve Cohn, the Australian coordinator of our postgraduate endodontic course, provided the year 6 students with some hands-on training on radiographic techniques during endodontics. We are grateful to Dr Sheridan and Prof Cohn and the other tutors and post-graduate students who made this workshop such a big success.