UP Dental Student Visits Melbourne Dental School, Australia

During the semester break, Mak Sangdor, a year 7 dental student at UP, visited the prestigious Melbourne Dental School at the University of Melbourne for two days.

On the first day, he was warmly welcomed by Professor Alastair J. Sloan, Head of Melbourne Dental School, and his staff and dental students. Later he was taken on a tour of the University of Melbourne Campus, Melbourne Dental School facilities, Dental Simulation Lab and Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne, including their dental museum. He was able to spend time testing the very advanced haptic devices in the Haptics Virtual Reality Simulation Lab. In the evening, he was invited to dinner by Dr Brenda Ryan, who is a Senior Dental Therapy Lecturer and several other staff.

On the second day of the visit, was allowed to do clinical observation and attend seminars, in Pediatric Dentistry and Endodontics. He was able to observe and discuss the management of interesting clinical cases with the students and supervisors during his visit to the hospital.

Following the visit to the Melbourne Dental School, Sangdor was invited to have lunch with Dr. Siew-May Loo, clinical supervisor at Melbourne Dental School and Dr. Brenda Ryan at a local Cambodian restaurant. Later in the following week, Ms. Trudy Poole, a former dental therapist in Melbourne Dental School and her husband took Sangdor on a tour to see Australian native animals and Frankston beach.

Sangdor is very grateful to have had this wonderful opportunity to travel and learn, and feels inspired to improve his knowledge in the future. And he specially would like to thank Dr. Brenda Ryan for arranging his visit to the Melbourne Dental School and for her exceptional hospitality. Last but not least, he would like to thank Prof. Callum Durward and Prof. Rodrigo Marino for their help in arranging the visit.