The 2nd UP Dental Family Charity and Education Project

The oral health of school children in Cambodia is among the worst in the world. The average 6 year old Cambodian child has 9 decayed teeth, and most children do not start brushing their teeth until they reach school.

Most schools lack any dental prevention program, and most sell sweet snacks and drinks to children at break time.

The “Second UP Dental Family Charity and Education” project set out to address these issues in one disadvantaged school in Mondulkiri.

On the 23rd May 2019, staff and students from the Faculty of Dentistry set out from Phnom Penh in two buses bound for Hun Sen Sen Monorom Primary School in Mondulkiri.
During the 4 day excursion the following activities were conducted:
– Oral Health Education was given to about 500 school children
– Hand Hygiene Instruction was given to about 500 school children
– SDF (Silver Diamine Fluoride) was applied to the teeth of about 250 school children to “arrest” the decay in their teeth
– Fissure Sealants were placed on the first permanent molars of about 50 school children (to prevent decay in those teeth)
– White fillings were placed in the decayed permanent teeth of about 40 school children, and
– The team collected garbage in and around the school.
In addition, the UP team provided study materials such as: writing books, pens, pencils, and rubber erasers as well as donating one small box of toothpaste with tooth brush to about 500 school children.

During the trip the team also had a chance to visit the beautiful water falls, and take part in team-building games and activities.

The Faculty of Dentistry would sincerely like to thank UP, the Vital Drinking water, Unident, Engold, A3 Dental Supply, Meng-RUTNIN eye Specialist, HBDC and Sing Kieng Veng Dental Supply for their generous donations and sponsorship for this project. This project put a smile on the face of many children, as well as our hard working dental students.

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