17 dentists recently sat their end of year 1 barrier examination in the UP Diploma of Implantology course. Four of the examiners were from Australia, Dr Anthony Mak, Dr Cecila So, Dr Patrick Tseng, and Dr Ken Yuen. Dr Tak Ranuch, our own UP periodontist, was the local examiner. The examination was held at UP using ZOOM from 7am until 4.30pm.

30 minutes were allocated for each student. During the oral examination several implant cases were shown for discussion, with questions focusing on treatment planning and evidence based reasoning. Many of the participants scored highly, with 5 achieving over 90%. Course director, Dr Patrick Tseng, commented that “the performance of the Cambodian participants compared very favorably with students from Australia and NZ who have undertaken similar courses through Sydney University in recent years”.

During year 2 of the course, each dentist will need to complete 6 implant cases, closely supervised by the teaching staff. If you would like to get a high quality implant at relatively low cost, please contact Dr Khom Pisal from the UP Dental Clinic tel: 089-565664.