UP dental students have the opportunity to study 90 hours of “English for Dentistry” in years 2 and 3, in addition to their normal English classes. The program is conducted by lecturers Dr Bich Sothea and Dr Ngeth Sokunmonyneath (both dentists) and includes a variety of activities which help to develop both dental
English competency and critical thinking skills. During the program students learn many things including:

  • Getting practice at learning, pronouncing, and writing dental terminology used in many branches of dentistry.
  • Communicating in English in various dental settings through role plays, making scripts, PPT slides, and voice and video recordings, and presenting these to the class.
  • Delving into interesting dental journal articles and learning how scientific papers are structured.
  • Learning how to paraphrase and summarize dental texts or/and journal articles using various techniques.
  • Writing a reflective essay in English related to their own personal experiences of dentistry.

21st century teaching and learning methods have been gradually integrated into both the physical and online classroom situations. One of the most popular assessment tools we have introduced this year has been the use of KAHOOT on-line quizzes. These are not only a lot of fun but can generate scores for everyone in the class in a few short seconds. KAHOOT has been effective in motivating students to learn, and students have generally enjoyed this form of assessment, especially during this period of the online classes.