UP’s senior dental students in year 7 provide simple implants for patients once they have completed two semesters of training under our specialist Dr Tak Ranuch. The training involves an on-line course from University of Hong Kong (the top dental school in the world), additional theory teaching from our UP specialists, and preclinical exercises in the laboratory conducted by Professor Pattawi and his team from the University of Chiang Mai.

The year 7 students, who already have more than 3 years of clinical experience, work closely with Dr Ranuch to plan each case and insert a high-quality implant. Later a crown or bridge made to restore the patient’s function and aesthetics. Implants can be as good as natural teeth, and are becoming very popular around the world for replacing missing teeth.

UP is very fortunate in being one of very few dental schools in South east Asia which provides the training and opportunities for dental students to do implants. Patients benefit greatly from the service, – not just in quality but also in cost. They pay only about $400 per tooth (including the crown) – compared with about $2000 in some private clinics.

The UP Dental Clinic welcomes patients who have missing teeth to visit and discuss whether an implant is a good option for them.