Our UP team of dental students and dentists has been working together for the past 4 years with One-2-One Cambodia, the Cambodian Dental Association and other partners (including the Oral Health Office of the MOH and School Health Department of MOEYS) in implementing the Healthy Kids Cambodia dental program in primary schools within Phnom Penh and several provinces.

The World Dental Federation (FDI) has recently recognized our work with the “FDI Smile award”. We are very honored to be part of this project and would like to acknowledge that UP staff and students have played an important role in the development and implementation of the Healthy Kids project, including conducting important research to demonstrate its success. This international award confirms that we in Cambodia are following best practice in the prevention of dental caries among the children we are working with. Dr Sourn Monika, President of Cambodian Dental Association, received the award by Video call last week.

Thank you to our past and present dental students of UP for your hard work and dedication to children’s oral health, which has made this award possible.