Dental Students Return To The Simulation Laboratory

Year 3 dental students have returned to the Dental Simulation Laboratory to learn the basics of operative dentistry. Each student had to attend an online training session about COVID-19 precautions before commencing their study.

Over the next few weeks students will need to carry out a wide range of clinical procedures in the lab (and some on each other), including cavity preparations and fillings, rubber dam placement, dental radiography, extraction techniques, sealant placement, scaling and polishing, injection techniques and suturing. Each student has a set of necessary instruments and supplies to use, and must complete all tasks to the required standard in order to start treating patients in Semester 1 of Year 4. Because of COVID-19, the number of students in the lab at one time has been reduced, and students need to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well as practicing social distancing. Cleaning of the workspace is required after every session, and frequent hand-cleaning is a must.

The students have made a good start and are learning new skills very quickly thanks to our expert team of SIM Lab Tutors, led by Cambodia’s only specialist in Restorative Dentistry, Dr Soy Rasy.