APDSA Cambodia Promotes Dental Research among its Members

The Asia Pacific Dental Students Association (APDSA) is an organization promoting dental education, friendship and exchange between many countries in the Asia Pacific region. Several members of the Cambodian Board are UP dental students, including Vice President Borann Voleakjemmey, Secretary Mak Sangdor, Treasurer HengLiching, UP respresentative Henh Chan Sakada, and Assistant Editor Leang MuySeang. The APDSA Cambodia Board meets intermittently at UP and recently gathered to make a video, focusing on how to prepare for the APDSA Scientific Research Competition (SRC).

The purpose of the video was to tell students about the SRC, and to provide advice on how to carry out research from several student and new graduate researchers, including UP Faculty of Dentistry researcher Dr Horn Rithvitou. The Board hopes that this video will encourage more dental students to engage in research and perhaps enter the SRC in the future. The video will also help students who are writing their undergraduate thesis.

For the 2020-2021 year the SRC is one of the main activities of the APDSA Cambodia. The Board has been working hard to promote dental research among the members. The video interview was the second step of the project, following an Online Survey. Next, APDSA Cambodia will host an Online Lecture/Webinar, discussing dental research, and featuring a few well-known local guest speakers who have earned Ph.D degrees from various universities abroad. The APDSA Cambodia hopes that many Cambodian dental students with an interest in research will attend the upcoming online lecture/webinar. It would like to thank UP for providing its support for APDSA meetings and activities.