All You Need to Know About Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Workshop at UP

On 17 February 2020, Dr. Prom Vireak, UP’s Deputy Dean of Clinical Affairs, presented an update on the outbreak of Corona virus. This important presentation, on a topic of concern to many people, was attended by UP’s President, Deans, Deputy Deans, other UP staff and students in Hall H. Dr Prom mentioned that coronaviruses are one a big family of viruses that can cause the common cold and other diseases into humans and animals. This new (novel) coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan China and appears linked to wild animals’ market. This virus seems to have mutated and spreads from animals to human and now it spreads from humans to humans.

Dr Prom outlined WHO advice including taking necessary precautions but also not to panic. Just like normal cold and flu, most people who become infected experience mild illness and recover, but it can be more severe for others who are elderly or already unwell.

We can prevent ourselves from being infected by regularly washing hands with soap and water or hand rub, avoiding touching T-zone (eyes, nose, and mouth). We can also cover our mouths if we are coughing or sneezing for example by wearing a mask to prevent others catching our infection. This workshop was conducted to raise awareness for UP staff to prevent themselves from being infected.

UP is currently closely monitoring the situation and has emailed all staff and students with latest corona prevention updates as well as putting posters up around our campus.