Simulation Laboratory Officer

10 May 2023

I. Duties and Responsibilities:

The overall job description below outlines the main areas of responsibilities of the Employee:
● Manage day‐to‐day operations of the Medicine Simulation Laboratory.
● Prepare all teaching/learning activities in the Simulation Laboratory, including preparation of essential equipment and supplies required to teach students how to perform skills prior to entry into clinical settings.
● Supervise simulation technology used by students and teach students how to use the equipment andhow to perform tasks.
● Train students in the operational aspects of relevant equipment and instrumentation associated with different simulation technologies.
● Assist the Deputy Dean for Clinical Affairs in Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) preparation and test, and in setting up Pre‐Hospital Clinical Training Courses and First Aid Courses.
● Carry out other functions as assigned by the Dean or the Deputy Dean for Clinical Affairs

II. Qualifications and Requirements:

1. Education:
● Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing or Midwifery
● Registration as professional Nurse or Midwife.

2. Experience:
● At least 1 year of general nursing care performed in acute care and community settings.
● Experience as an educator/clinical instructor is an advantage.

3. Skills/Competencies:
● Very good attitude and behaviour.
● Very good critical thinking and problem‐solving skills.
● Excellent clinical skills.
● Excellent communication skills.
● Ability to work independently while also functioning as a member of a team.
● Excellent oral and written command of English and Khmer.
● Ability to use Windows and Microsoft Office operating systems.
● Ability and willingness to learn new tasks rapidly.
● Ability to work under pressure.