UP Health Center Manager

8 August 2023

I. Position Summary:
a.To market and run the UPHC as a successful business
b.To oversee the effective and efficient day to day management of the UP Health Center
c.To enhance the training of UP students and oversee the provision of high quality services to thepublic
II.Duties and Responsibilities:

The overall job description below outlines the main areas of responsibilities of the Employee:

  • Work with Marketing Department and UP Dental Business Manager to promote the UPHC throughUP website, Facebook pages, media, signage, promotions etc in order to recruit more patients andclients at the Pharmacy, Medical Clinic and Dental Hospital
  • Provide monthly & annual reports to the Deans of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry including onoutputs, income, expenditure, challenges, events, visitors, patient numbers, marketing etc.
  • Work with procurement to purchase instruments and materials, and organize maintenance ofequipment
  • Work with Finance Department related to budget, MoUs, salaries, contracts, commissions, incomefrom courses etc.
  • Work with HR related to recruiting staff, tutor lists, contracts, tutor and staff timetables, leave etc.
  • Coordinate with Admin team regarding facility maintenance and repairs etc.
  • Work with faculties to monitor the supervision of the clinical practice of students
  • Monitor the performance of teaching staff (lecturers, tutors etc.) in the UPHC and provide effectivefeedback to Faculties
  • Monitor the performance of healthcare professionals providing treatment or services forpatients/clients in the UPHC
  • Monitor the performance of the UPHC staff
  • Maintain excellent communication with all staff including dentists, doctors, pharmacists, staff,students, assistants, receptionists, cleaners and patients
  • Create a safe & productive working environment for staff, students and patients
  • Manage the daily operations of the Health Center
  • Work closely with the dental hospital manager(s) so that the dental services provided across both
  • Dental Hospitals are standardized, and the management of both is well integrated
  • Participate in relevant meetings in the Faculties of Pharmacy, Dentistry and Medicine
  • Arrange weekly staff meetings for each part of the UPDH
  • Conduct staff evaluations each semester
  • Regularly meet with students to discuss issues
  • Work with the Dentistry Business Development Manager to organize and run postgraduate and CPD courses which have a clinical component, including orthodontics courses (including the new Master of Orthodontics), implant courses, and some CPD courses.

III. Minimum Qualifications and Requirements:
1. Experience:

  • Experience in managing a health care facility
  • Experience in administration and financial management

2. Education:

  • Relevant degree
  • Postgraduate qualification preferred
  • Management qualification preferred

3. Skills/Competencies:

  • English and Khmer language proficiency desirable
  • Computer skills – WORD and EXCEL and Social Media
  • Good at managing people, facilities and finances
  • Good communication, problem solving, reporting and presentation skills
  • Good at marketing
  • Able to multitask
  • Committed to the mission, vision and core values of UP

4. Personal PersonalPersonalPersonalPersonal Quality QualityQualityQualityQuality

  • Conscientious
  • Hard working
  • Punctual
  • Reliable
  • Team player
  • Good communicator
  • Honest
  • Had initiative