Full Time Foundation Year Lecturer

3 May 2024

I.Position Summary:
The purpose of the role is to support and maintain excellence in teaching in foundation year.
Contribution in addition to teaching the courses, will include course development and innovation in teaching and overall involvement within department/faculty, where appropriate.
II.Duties and responsibilities
The overall job description below outlines the main areas of responsibilities of the Employee:

  • Responsible for a minimum 21 hours per week of face-to-face time with Foundation Yearstudents;
  • Ensures that the course outline is followed with regard to programme and course learning outcomes;
  • Establishes clear lines of communication with students and other lecturers;
  • Provides quality teaching within their subject material using a wide variety of teaching methodologies and technologies to better develop and deliver materials both online and in-person;
  • Reports any issues with student engagement or course content promptly to coursecoordinator,
  • Foundation Year programme coordinator, or the Director as appropriate;
  • Promotes a classroom environment of enquiry and resilience, encouraging students toquestion, dissent, and develop their own ideas with research and critical thinking;
  • Maintains accurate student records of attendance and scores;
  • Assists in developing co‐curricular activities in the Foundation Year programme to enhancequality of student education;
  • Creates, delivers, and monitors assessments to be an academically rigorous and accuraterepresentation of student learning and ability;
  • Designs and implements additional examination and teaching materials, as needed;
  • Participates in relevant committees within department/faculty;
  • Completes administrative tasks promptly and accurately during office hours;
  • Assists in further preparatory courses, professional development, and other additional dutiesas requested by the Course Coordinator, Programme Coordinator, and Director

III.Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Two years of teaching experience
  • Digital education and experience with online learning platforms preferred
  • Research experience and publication desirable, not required

2. Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant subject areas, or equivalent experience
  • Subject areas (full-time lecturers teach in 2+ subjects/areas):
    – General sciences: biology, biochemistry, chemistry
    – Health sciences: English medical terminology, anatomy, embryology
    – Mathematics: algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, statistics
    – Research: introduction to research methodology
    – University preparation: computer applications, academic skills development, first aid

3. Skills/Competencies:

  • Fluent in English and Khmer
  • Competent in computer applications, especially Google Workspace
  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Time management and self-organization skills.