Deputy Dean of Medicine (Engagement)

9 May 2023

I. Duties and responsibilities

● Proactively and effectively establish strong partnerships with public and private institutions nationally, leading to collaborative initiatives including clinical research relevant to Cambodians;
● Assist the Dean with accreditation and review processes;
● Represent the Dean when assigned by the Dean;
● Act as Dean if requested to do so, when the Dean is absent;
● Participate in University Committees;
● Perform other duties and assume additional responsibilities as assigned by the Dean ofthe Faculty of Medicine.

II. Qualifications and Requirements:

1. Education:
● MD Degree

2. Experience:
● Must have held within the last 2 years or currently hold a senior position in theMinistry of Health or in a Public Hospital in Phnom Penh
● Good understanding of current educational needs of medical students

3. Skills/Competencies:
● Excellent ability to develop and maintain excellent working relationships withdifferent Institutions
● Ability and enthusiasm to take initiative to solve or improve problems and issuesproactively
● Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team
● Very good oral and written command of English
● Excellent oral and written command of Khmer