Business Development Manager

12 March 2024

I.Duties and responsibilities
This position has four main responsibilities:

  1. Maximise revenue from non-health science enrolments
  2. Maximise revenue from UP’s health centre
  3. Manage UP’s international relationships and maximise enrolments in these programs
  4. Maximise value from UP’s MOUs and agreements

These duties also include

  • Establish clear performance targets and objectives with the delivery of UPs Commercial strategy
  • Create and review UPs’ value propositions and unique selling points (USPs), obtain and capitalize on revenue opportunities across multi-channels
  • Develop Business development from Health Centres
  • Increase students’ enrolments and manage Alumni and Student volunteers to maximize revenue opportunities
  • Identify and manage Sponsorships, commercial partners or other routes to market to maximize revenue and reputation success
  • Work with faculties to develop Commercial Opportunities particularly Continued Professional Development, new courses and commercial contracts
  • Engage with stakeholders to reach a shared understanding of the developing context for commercial services and the opportunities to drive a significant increase in commercial revenue
  • With others, identify new and emerging commercial opportunities and drive business development activity to capitalize on emerging opportunities
  • Maintain a broad network of contacts and to represent UP at networking events and conferences Quickly develop a good understanding of the UP research capabilities and commercial opportunities and be able to explain these to potential collaborators or develop them for commercial gain
  • And perform other duties as assigned by the President

II. Qualifications and Requirements:

  • At least 3 years Sales / Business Development experience
  • Significant experience of managing and leading commercial projects
  • Good knowledge/previous experience of current approaches to education
  • Experience commercial environment in Cambodia or similar country would be highly regarded

2. Education:

  • Bachelor’s (Masters preferred) degree in commercial or similar qualification
  • A successful track record of developing and launching new commercial initiatives resulting in income and surplus/profit growth and diversification
  • Experience of developing sales and marketing campaigns designed to maximize profit
  • Knowledge of Cambodia higher education is preferred
  • Experience of the Business/science/ICT industries is preferred
  • A successful track record of developing partnerships with international partners is preferred.

3. Skills/Competencies:

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work as a team
  • Excellent oral and written command of English.
  • Oral and written command of Khmer would be highly regarded
  • Strong commitment to high performance and continuous improvement
  • An innovative and entrepreneurial thinker with the ability to identify and exploit new commercial opportunities
  • Excellent motivational and team-building skills

The University welcomes Cambodian and international candidates