Our Mission

We will educate medical students to become outstanding clinicians who have the skills, knowledge, and passion to improve the health of the Cambodian people through in class education, practices at the hospitals, and conducts research.

Education Program

Department of Medicine at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Puthisastra offers Medical Doctor degree in General Medicine. Medical Doctor Program was designed to produce graduates who possess clinical skills and knowledge essential for treating patients at public and private hospitals/clinics at all level within Cambodia.

Schedule for Classes

Department of Medicine at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Puthisastra will follow the semester system. That is, there will be 2 semesters per academicyear. The Medical Doctor program will be offered in 8 different year including foundation year and 2 years of internship at the hospital.

Course Instruction

All courses to be offered for Medical Doctor program will be taught in Khmer and English/French or a combination.

Admission Criteria

Any student who graduated from high school can apply to study at University of Puthisastra (Department of Medicine). Selection is through the national entrance examination.

Graduation Criteria

Students must pass all the courses required by the national curriculum, pass thesis defense and pass the national exit exam. The exit exam involves two parts: a multiple choice question exam, and an OSCE.

Degree Offered

Students who successfully completed all requirementsin this program will be graduated with the degree of “ Medical Doctor in General Medicine”

Research Programs

Research programs are required for Department of Medicine at University of Puthisastra in terms of exploring and improving health and health care of Cambodians.


Laboratories are well equipped with modern equipment for students to practice.