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Student Affairs and Partnerships

The role of Student Affairs and Partnerships is to create and maintain an excellent student experience at University of Puthisastra. Student Affairs and Partnerships joins with students, staff and faculty to provide opportunities for personal and professional development. These opportunities are in addition to and in support of opportunities offered by academic departments.

A UP education emphasizes a global standard. Thus, UP students are supported and encouraged to engage in an international opportunity with any of the University’s nearly 30 partners.

Student Activities (Clubs)

Student Affairs supports faculties and individual students in developing, launching and maintaining clubs. Clubs are designed for career and leadership development, physical activity and wellness, advancing practical skills and as a key aspect of an exciting, learning-focused UP student experience.


Mission with Cambodian Health Professionals Association of America (CHPAA)
Project Helping Hands
Project Lokun
Project Sabai


Bokator Club
Music Club (Guitar)
E-Sports Club


American Medical Student Association (AMSA) – Cambodia – UP International Chapter
AMSA-UP International Chapter
Junior Suture Training Club (JSTC)
Junior Anatomy and Physiology Club (JAPC)
Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz (IMSPQ)
Medical Surgical Examination Interest Group (MSEIG)
UP Medical Club



Senior Club
Pharma-Career Club
Clinical Pharmacy Club


English Corner
Debate Club



Running Club
Soccer/Football Club

Learning Lounge

The learning offers academic supports services to Foundation Year students such as peer assisted student support in science, academic skill, study-skill and, self-learning. The learning lounge is located in the library and is open for quite learning.

Career Corner

The UP Career Corner provides top quality resources, services and advising to help UP students find healthcare and IT related internships and career opportunities. The Center’s primary focus will be on job placement for students in all faculties immediately following their degree completion at UP. A secondary focus will be on internships while they’re students at UP. While these will be the primary and secondary focuses, the UP Career Corner will also support students in developing excellent career readiness skills. Our goals include

  • Full employment of all graduates within 6 months of graduation
  • A viable internship while at UP for all those whose professions require it
  • All students graduate with the confidence and abilities to stand out among Cambodia’s newest graduates

Student Senate

Student Senate is comprised of an elected group of UP students who meet regularly throughout the school year to address student concerns and ideas, organize UP events, community projects and school programs. Members of the student senate are expected to participate in the management and development of the school, including matters of policy and the mission and vision of the school.

Student Senate Org Chart

Scholarship Program

The University of Puthisastra is committed to ensuring access to its outstanding academic programs and services for a range of high achieving Cambodian students. As such, the University has developed a scholarships program which is available based on financial need and merit through a highly selective application process. The University seeks high need students who have excelled academically and who have participated in extracurricular activities especially community service in Cambodia.

The objective of the scholarships program is to identify and develop student leaders who will prepare to become Cambodia’s next healthcare and information technology leaders. Thus, after selection, scholarship winners will become part of the scholarships program community of UP student leaders. They will be expected to continue their participation in leadership on and off campus and will have opportunities to participate in leadership training programs.

STEP ONE: Application Review

Scholarship applications will be reviewed by two members of the Student Affairs and Partnerships team. The review will cover an assessment of the written application including completion of required information, application persuasiveness and essay performance. Point value will be out of 25.

Note: Successful applicants will be contacted

STEP TWO: Interviews

Successful applicants from the review stage will be invited for an interview. Interviews will be conducted by members of the UP leadership team and their designees. For each applicant at least one student affairs member and a member from their respective department will be on the interview committee.

STEP THREE: Final Selection

Interview scores will be tallied and applicants in each department ranked. Department rankings and selection will be shared with and approved by the respective department head before the candidates are selected.

STEP FOUR: Notification of Award Winners

Notification of award winners will be sent after the Ministry of Health has informed UP of its Foundation Year students. After confirmation that all selected applicants were approved to attend UP by the MOH, award letters will be sent by Student Affairs to the awardees. Given the high selectivity for these merit awards, the letters will also include the President’s signature.