Mental health is an integral part of health; indeed, there is no health without mental health
(cited: World Health Organization, 2018)


Professional health counselling has the potential to help people live well balanced healthy lives and relieve emotional distress; therefore trained counsellors play a crucial role in improving relationships, the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities.

Education Program

An academic 2 year diploma program in professional health counselling which is evidence-based course is held bi-weekly (alternate weeks) at the University of Puthisastra, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
⇨ 20 hours of personal therapy is provided by the university at no additional cost
⇨ In year 2, monthly professional supervision is provided by the university at no additional cost

Course Instruction

The course is taught mostly in the Khmer language, with some English language.

Application Criteria

Applicants shall meet the following criteria:
⇨ Have high school diploma or equivalent
⇨ Have some English competency
⇨ Demonstrate compassion and commitment to pursue careers which focus directly on the mental health and the well-being of clients.
For an application form, updates on admission & registration, please call our information office

Key Values

Four key values underpin this professional health counselling training course:
Empathy: The ability to ‘walk alongside’ clients and try to understand the feelings of another. Sharing an experience through relationship
Acceptance: Understanding that a unique individual is free to choose, try things and make mistakes
Unconditional positive regard: Accepting that we are a diverse human race and that nobody is perfect
Genuineness / Congruence: Being true to self. Encouraging openness and honesty within relationships

Western standard ‘Diploma in Professional Health Counselling’

Our program is developed within an educational framework that is robustly evidenced based and delivered through a higher educational institution that is well recognised in Cambodia, as is University of Puthisastra.
The ‘Center for Health Counselling’ , values practice that is informed by theory and evidence, rigorous scholarship, multiple perspectives, social responsibility, self-awareness, and practical skills.
Professional Health Counselling is delivered by trained practitioners to help people bring about effective personal change; enhancing their well-being through identifying and exploring self, attitudes and behaviours.
Our training applies professional ethics and ethical guidelines to health counselling practice and promotes professional supervision.

Important Positive outcomes of Health Counselling

⇨ Communities are strengthened by promoting healthy relationships:When people are able to relate well, skill sharing and networking strengthen negotiations, which in turn generates trust.
⇨ Education:Learning is hindered by the effects of trauma. Healing of trauma issues enhances the individual’s ability to learn and be more productive in the workplace. Critical thinking will be enhanced and encourages positive choices.
⇨ Reduces the crime rate:Unresolved issues of trauma cause unseen psychological scars. Issues such as depression, repressed anger and outbursts of rage, low self -esteem, poverty, substance abuse, violence, attachment issues and psychosomatic conditions are common place. If trauma has ‘safe facilitated narrative’, healing is promoted and individuals are more able to relate positively within society.
⇨ Economic benefits:Through an enhanced learning ability and healthy relationships, there will be a reduction in ‘sick days’ and work will be more productive generally.

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Counselling Corner


– Student’s voices: Our students share their thoughts and ideas related to being the first cohort of scholars in Cambodia to study an accredited course in ‘Professional Health Counselling’
Our pioneer group of health counselling students at UP will soon graduate as Professional health counsellors. To celebrate this fact, they decided to make their own video about their experience of learning together for two years on the part-time course. We are heartened by this motivated group and are confident that they will enrich the profession.

Faculty Team Members

Mr. Toch Seyha, BA Psychology, MA Counselling & Clinical Psychology
Acting Director of Health Counselling
Tel: (+855) 85 822 349