Dental Hospital Manager

13 May 2024

I. Position Summary:

  • To enhance the reputation of the UP dental hospital and ensure an international standard of service provision
  • To oversee the clinical training of dental students
  • To oversee the management of students, patients, staff and facilities to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the hospital

II. Duties and Responsibilities:
The overall job description below outlines the main areas of responsibilities of the Employee:

  • Provide monthly & annual reports to the Dean and UP management on outputs, income, expenditure, challenges, events, visitors, marketing, facilities etc.
  • Work with procurement to purchase equipment, instruments and materials, and organize maintenance of equipment
  • Work with Finance Department related to budget, MoUs, tutor salaries, contracts, commissions etc.
  • Work with Marketing Department to promote UP dental hospital through UP website, Facebook page, media, signage etc., and to actively recruit patients
  • Work with HR related to recruiting staff, performance of hospital staff, tutor lists, contracts, tutorand resident timetables etc.
  • Coordinate with UP Administration team regarding facility maintenance and repairs etc.
  • Oversee and monitor the clinical practice of dental students, residents and other dentists
  • Meet regularly with staff, students and tutors to share information and get feedback on matters of concern
  • Attend weekly Faculty of Dentistry meetings
  • Monitor the performance of dental tutors in the clinic and provide feedback
  • Maintain excellent communication with the dentists, students, assistants, receptionists, cleaners and patients
  • Create a safe & productive working environment for staff, students and patients
  • Manage daily operations of dental clinic
  • Arrange clinical space for courses involving the hospital
  • Coordinate activities of overseas volunteers and Adjuncts when they come to the hospital
  • Communicate with NGOs, schools, businesses etc. to bring patients to the hospital
  • Coordinate hospital timetable
  • Support development of systems for patient records and patient recalls
  • Arrange and lead weekly staff meetings and regular clinical tutor meetings
  • Conduct tutor, student & patient feedback evaluations each semester

III. Minimum Qualifications and Requirements:
1. Experience:

  • At least 5 years experience working in a dental or related field
  • Prefer some management and/or marketing experience
  • Prefer some teaching experience

2 . Education:

  • Registered dentist (prefer a post‐graduate qualification) or degree in another dental or health management field
  • Prefer applicant to have been a regular attendee at continuing education courses
  • Prefer if applicant has attended courses in teaching and learning

3. Skills/Competencies:

  • Good English language ability
  • Computer skills – WORD and EXCEL
  • Good communication, problem solving and presentation skills
  • Good at financial management and marketing
  • Able to manage medical emergencies in the dental clinic
  • Committed to the mission, vision and core values of UP

4. Personal Quality

  • Conscientious
  • Hard working
  • Punctual
  • Reliable
  • Team player
  • Honest