Department of ICT

Created in 2009

Vice-Dean: Mr.Ham Sokly

Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee created to develop quality curriculum and to monitor its implementation. Beside this, curriculum committee has to develop criteria and procedures for lecturer recruitment and identify quality materials to support student performance.

About Curriculumn

Students in Faculty of Science and Technology are required to study at least 126 credits in order to graduate. In the first year, students have to attend courses which are required by the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC). In the second year, all students in science and technology receive Microsoft and open source courses, which are compulsory lectures, together. In parallel, students are requested to take part in clubs and different activities (projects) in order to improve and strengthen their soft skills. In the third and fourth year, students have to decide for database & programming, networking and telecommunication concentration. In semester two of the fourth year, students have to write a project paper and take final and graduation exams in order to graduate. To ensure quality of the project paper, students need to attend seminars and join the program of industrial attachment.

Industrial Attachment

UP Students participate in programs that connect them to the relevant industries. Main focus of the Faculty of Science and Technology is to create linkages with public institutions and private businesses so that students can participate in an internship program. By this way, students gain practical experience which is essential for the labor market or for further graduate level education.

Project and student activities

The management of the Faculty of Science and Technology sees the involvement of students in projects and practical activities as necessary contribution to their knowledge. Through this program, the students learn how to use their academic knowledge in real life and how to improve their learning skills in order to overcome practical challenges. Moreover, the students have the opportunity to play the role in leadership of team work or in group debate, etc.

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